Experience the mesmerizing spectacle of the Amsterdam Light Festival! From 30th November 2023 to 21st January 2024, the city comes alive with 20 vibrant light installations by artists from around the globe. Embark on a magical journey with our top-rated cruise from Amsterdam North aboard a 100% electric boat. Marvel at the illuminated canals and historic landmarks under the winter sky, accompanied by insightful local commentary. Enhance your cruise experience with optional on-board drinks and snacks. Dive into Amsterdam's glowing winter canvas like never before! Don't miss out - secure your seats today! For more information and to book your tickets, click here.

Sailing into the Future: Experience the AI-Themed Amsterdam Light Festival 2024

Drawn towards the darker months and dressed with spellbinding arrays of light, Amsterdam unfolds a mesmerising open-air exhibition from 30th of November 2023, till the 21st of January 2024. The Amsterdam Light Festival, in its twelfth season, beckons locals and tourists alike, illuminating the city’s famous canals with 20 awe-inspiring installations. This year’s theme- Artificial Intelligence, promises a thought-provoking expedition through the city under a glowing sky.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is no ordinary event. The unique open-air light exhibition showcases the brilliant minds of international artists who’ve woven together technology and creativity, suspending their masterpieces along the enchanting Amsterdam canals. This season, the artworks delve into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, inviting guests to imagine and ponder upon the prospects and implications of rapidly advancing digital technology.

Navigating the art-lit canals is best experienced by boat. Various cruises follow the exclusive light festival route, providing glimpses of the stunning artworks while cruising gently under the winter sky. Selecting the ideal cruise may, however, pose a challenge. Hence, based on quality, experience, price, and location, we have shortlisted the three finest cruises for you.


Dubbed as the top-rated Light Festival Cruise in 2022-23, this tour aboard a brand new fully electric canal boat departs from Amsterdam North – a hotspot renowned for its contemporary architecture and trendy eateries. As you embark on this incredible journey, be prepared to experience an illuminated Amsterdam like never before – every corner brought to life under the magical glow of the light artworks. Your on-board local skipper delivers engaging and informative commentary, paired with an illustrative brochure further detailing the intricate charm and significance of each of these 20 global art installations.

Occupying prime locations along the route are the enchanting Skinny Bridge, the ship-like Nemo Science Museum, the restored Maritime Museum, and many more attractions basking under the festival’s radiance. The highlight surely remains the 100% electric canal boat – cutting-edge, ecological, and built for comfort, providing an enhanced cruise experience. In addition, the cruise also offers a delightful array of optional drinks and snacks to complete your enchanting journey under the glowing Amsterdam sky.


Departing from the heart of Amsterdam – the Central Station – this enticing cruise provided by LOVERS Canal Cruises is the way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the twinkling city during the Light Festival. The boat is designed with your comfort in mind, modern, fully heated and equipped with an insightful audio guide detailing each of the luminous installations you pass by. The carefully calibrated water route is the best way to soak in the sights of all quayside light artworks, making it the ideal choice for Festival enthusiasts seeking an engaging and comprehensive experience.


An all-inclusive sensory indulgence – this canal tour is the perfect blend of sightseeing, local cuisine, and warm drinks. Beginning from the elite Gentlemen’s canal, be prepared to tour the shining landmarks of Amsterdam – the University Island, the biodiversity haven that is Artis Zoo, the innovative NEMO Science Museum, the historically rich Maritime Museum and many more. Complementing this shimmering sightseeing is mouth-watering Dutch snacks and the comforting warmth of Glühwein – ensuring that your journey under the winter night sky remains an unforgettable one.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an extraordinary expression of glowing art, technology’s impacts and our shared human experience. Get ready to embark on this stunning exploration of radiant wonder – choose a cruise that resonates with your interests, and prepare yourself for the winter expedition that like no other.